F-Bar version 2


Version 2 of F-Bar is here. Make sure to check for updates. This is a free upgrade for every existing customer.

Support for Hyper

Finally, support for Hyper! Hyper lacks support for AppleScript, but it's possible to launch via accessibility controls. Answer yes, and let F-Bar take control. The next time it will launch Hyper!


Push Notifications

Add a cURL request last in your deployment script and get a push notification when everything is done. Read more here.


Configuration window

Added keyboard shortcuts for a faster workflow:

  • Cmd-S saves the content
  • Cmd-W closes the window
  • Cmd-R reloads the content, nice if you are looking into deployment logs


Icon in dock

If you are running Spaces (multiple virtual desktops) it’s sometimes easy to loose where your dialog is hiding. With the dock icon enabled you can use TAB to select it again


Updated to Swift 4.0

The project is completely updated to Swift 4.


Removal of Forge Accounts works

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