F-Bar 1.2 released. Better monitoring


The #2 most requested feature is here: the ability to disable monitoring for individual sites. Like this, you can turn off for the site with the name ”default” or if the site is behind a basic auth.

Click "Preferences…"


Click ”More Settings…”

More settings

Check the checkbox, done. Profit! :-)

More settings

Another typical scenario is that the name of the site, defined in Laravel Forge, is not the same as the public URL. Forge is still managing the site as usual, but you would like to monitor the site. With URL Alias you can do this with ease.


Nice to have features

Fixed so that you can save configurations without closing configuration dialog. Faster workflow, if you want to test back and forth.

Also, I added a warning if you try to close the dialog with unsaved changes.

I have been overwhelmed by all your good feedback and reports, if you have any, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email


  • Crash in add API-keys dialog is fixed
  • Fixed a memory leak

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