F-Bar 1.1 - multi-account support


New features

  • Multi-account support! Add as how many you want, and re-order them as you like.
  • Line-numbering for configuration windows and log viewers.
  • Direct link to Laravel Forge from each site.
  • Better validation when entering an API-key. Trimming of white spaces at the end.


  • Resizing of configuration and log viewer window work as expected
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • A 20-second delay before monitoring starts if enabled. Let’s the computer connect to Wifi.
  • Bigger fonts
  • Turned off spell check on configuration windows

What's next?

Since multi-account has been the number one request, I have prioritized this one. Next up is the ability to

  • Exclude some sites from monitoring
  • Put an ”alias” of a site. The site ”name” that the Forge API provides may not be the actual domain used externally.
  • ”Alias” of a server. If you are connecting to servers from an internal IP.


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