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Dead simple GitFTP-deployments for macOS

Use Git to upload only changed files to FTP servers

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Faster workflow with GitFTP-Deploy


While working with client sites, you may need a convenient way of deploying to a shared host without shell access.

Shell access

Easy setup

Add new sites with an easy to use GUI like a regular FTP client. No need to setup scripts or download external libraries like Homebrew.

There is no need for a large/costly deployment system since you are the only one working with the HTML templates, you just want to keep track of your changes and upload them as fast as possible.

Quick updates

GitFTP-Deploy monitors your git repository and pushes only your changes via FTP or SFTP. GitFTP-Deploy can save you time and bandwidth.

Push only the changes

Supports FTP and SFTP

FTP is still used by most shared hosting providers. GitFTP-Deploy also supports password-less SFTP-logins if you are into that.


Let GitFTP-Deploy do it's job when you commit your changes.


Modern front-end workflows

Run your terminal commands or shell scripts on every deployment. Compile your SASS-files to CSS and push to your server. (SFTP/SSH only)


Talk to your server

Take down your site during deployment, run git push or run migration scripts on your server. (SFTP/SSH only)

Remote scripts the run during deployments

Always upload

You may not have every file, like compiled JavaScript- or CSS-files, under version control. Add the files or even a build that will be uploaded on every deploy.



Have files committed to your repository you don’t want to deploy? No problem, just ignore them.

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I really, really like GitFTP-Deploy, it makes my live a lot easier on shitty web hosts! Mathias G
I think that your idea is a brilliant idea! Fabio M
Great app! Jonah
If you work on small projects, an (S)FTP-client can still be very useful. But on the other hand, it means you need to manually copy files from your git workflow to the server. To solve this issue, the indie developer Jan Östlund built GitFTP-Deploy, a handy (S)FTP tool for a small fee that does automatic deployments based on your git workflow. WDRL Newsletter


What happens if I deploy from different computers?
GitFTP-Deploy is not designed as the centralized deployment tool. But the app will attempt to keep track of the last deployment and warn if you are about to deploy with a different branch or older commits.

What about Git submodules?
GFD currently does not support submodules.

I found file .gitftpdeploy on my site. What is this, have I been hacked?
Most likely not, this is a file GFD uses to keep track of the last deployment. GFD will warn if somebody is about to deploy a more recent commit.

I think feature XYZ would be nice, what do you think?
Send a request to [email protected] and we will see what we can do.